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Lopez-Garcia D, Bruneau M (2006): Seismic behavior of intermediate beams in steel plate shear walls. 8th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, electronic paper no. 1089, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Oakland, USA. (2006)

Seismic behavior of intermediate beams in steel plate shear walls

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This paper presents some preliminary results of an ongoing research whose objective is to investigate the seismic behavior of intermediate beams (i.e., the beams other than those at the roof and foundation levels) in multi-story steel plate shear walls (SPSWs). Of primary interest is the determination of the strength level needed to avoid the formation of in-span plastic hinges, a relevant practical issue that has not been considered in past investigations. To attain this objective, the seismic response of different SPSW models was analyzed by performing linear and nonlinear analysis. The intermediate beams of the SPSW models were designed to resist: (I) forces imposed by gravity loads only; (II) forces determined by the ASCE 7 load combinations; and (III) forces imposed by fully yielded plates. For comparison purposes, SPSW models designed according to the Canadian Standard CAN/CSA S16-01 were considered as well. It is concluded that intermediate beams designed according to criteria I and II are prone to in-span plastic hinges and to excessive plastic deformations. It was also found that, while in-span plastic hinges do not appear in the intermediate beams of the CAN/CSA S16-01 models, they do appear in the roof and foundation beams of these models when a collapse mechanism develops.