Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Jilberto J. and Hurtado D.E. (2018)

Semi-implicit Non-conforming Finite-Element Schemes for Cardiac Electrophysiology: A Framework for Mesh-Coarsening Heart Simulations

Revista : Frontiers in Physiology
Volumen : 9
Páginas : 12pp
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The field of computational cardiology has steadily progressed toward reliable and accurate simulations of the heart, showing great potential in clinical applications such as the optimization of cardiac interventions and the study of pro-arrhythmic effects of drugs in humans, among others. However, the computational effort demanded by in-silico studies of the heart remains challenging, highlighting the need of novel numerical methods that can improve the efficiency of simulations while targeting an acceptable accuracy. In this work, we propose a semi-implicit non-conforming finite-element scheme (SINCFES) suitable for cardiac electrophysiology simulations. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed scheme are assessed by means of numerical simulations of the electrical excitation and propagation in regular and biventricular geometries. We show that the SINCFES allows for coarse-mesh simulations that reduce the computation time when compared to fine-mesh models while delivering wavefront shapes and conduction velocities that are more accurate than those predicted by traditional finite-element formulations based on the same coarse mesh, thus improving the accuracy-efficiency trade-off of cardiac simulations.