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Oberti S., Kolb J., Madec P.Y., Le Louarn M., Pettazzi P., Guesalaga A., Donaldson R.H., Soenke C., Jeram B., Kiekebusch m., Argomedo J., Paufique J., La Penna P., Arsenault R, Hubin N., Haguenauer P., Vernet J., Suarez-Valles M., The AO in AOF (Invited Paper), SPIE Conf. on Telescopes and Instrumentation, Austin, 2018 , paper 10703-53 (2018)

The AO in AOF (Invited Paper)

Revista : SPIE Conf. on Telescopes and Instrumentation, Austin, 2018 , paper 10703-53
Volumen : 10703
Páginas : 53-62
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The long commissioning of the Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF) project has been completed shortly after this conference, providing AO correction to two Very Large Telescope (VLT) foci supported by an adaptive secondary mirror and four laser guide stars. Four AO modes are delivered: a Single Conjugate AO (SCAO) system for commissioning purpose, wide field and medium field Ground Layer AO (GLAO) for seeing improvement and narrow field Laser Tomography AO (LTAO) for ultimate performance. This paper intends to describe the implemented AO baseline and to highlight the most relevant results and lessons learned. In particular, it will address the control and reconstruction strategy, the wavefront sensing baseline and the online telemetry used to optimize the system online, estimate the turbulence profile and calibrate the misregistrations. Focusing on the LTAO mode, we will describe the tomography optimization, by exploring the reconstruction parameter space. Finally, on sky performance results will be presented both in terms of strehl ratio and limiting magnitude.