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The JUNO Collaboration (Abusleme A., Troni G., et al.) (2021)

The Design and Sensitivity of JUNO’s scintillator radio purity pre-detector OSIRIS

Revista : European Physical Journal C
Volumen : 81
Páginas : 973
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The OSIRIS detector is a subsystem of the liquid scintillator filling chain of the JUNO reactor neutrino experiment. Its purpose is to validate the radiopurity of the scintillator to assure that all components of the JUNO scintillator system work to specifications and only neutrino-grade scintillator is filled into the JUNO Central Detector. The aspired sensitivity level of 10?16 g/g of 238U and 232Th requires a large (?20m3) detection volume and ultralow background levels. The present paper reports on the design and major components of the OSIRIS detector, the detector simulation as well as the measuring strategies foreseen and the sensitivity levels to U/Th that can be reached in this setup.