Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Fernando P. Alvarez, Alicia I. Durán, Roberto Jorquera, Magdalena Walczak y Jorge A. Ramos-Grez (2018) Thermal Modelling of the F-5 Fighter Afterburner , MECOM 2018, Argentina (2018)

Thermal Modelling of the F-5 Fighter Afterburner

Revista : Proceedings MECOM 2018
Tipo de publicación : Conferencia No DCC


The study explores the contribution of associated temperature cycles to the push provided by an afterburner of the F5 fighter (Northrop) to the development of damage leading to fatigue failure. Through numerical simulation it is determined that temperatures reached in the afterburner of the F5 for short periods of time are between the temperatures of 1033,15 and 1999,15 K, which can lead to the initiation and propagation of possible cracks located on the areas affected by heat. The objective of this study is to investigate this type of failures that have been detected when maintenance is performed on this component in the engines section of the National Aeronautics Company ENAER, and a decision must be made between repair or use monitoring. The numerical model combines the mechanical formulation with thermal allowing to analyze temperature fields in the context of stresses and deformations. There is a significant correlation between location of tensions and places next where they are failures It is concluded that the numerical results are validated in this case.