Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Beserra W., Nussbaum M. and Grass A. (2017)

Using a fine-grained multiple-choice response format in educational drill-and-practice video games

Revista : Interactive Learning Environments
Volumen : 25
Número : 6
Páginas : 717-732
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When using educational video games, particularly drill-and-practice video games, there are several ways of providing an answer to a quiz. The majority of paper-based options can be classified as being either multiple-choice or constructed-response. Therefore, in the process of creating an educational drill-and-practice video game, one fundamental question to be answered is which is the most appropriate response format? This paper answers this question, proposing a hybrid format that we call fine-grained multiple-choice, where the player constructs their response one element at a time, with each element chosen from a pre-defined set. A comparative study was conducted with second grade students. When comparing the impact of an educational drill-and-practice video game that uses multiple-choice with one that uses fine-grained multiple-choice, we observe that the fine-grained multiple-choice game achieved better results. However, the multiple-choice game was substantially more successful at capturing the students’ interest and motivation. Considering the widespread use of the multiple-choice format in game-based learning activities, as well as in interactive activities, this research suggests rethinking what the most suitable answer format might be for each area of the curriculum and for the different types of games.