Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Higham J.E., Brevis W. (2019)

When, what and how image transformation techniques should be used to reduce error in Particle Image Velocimetry data?

Revista : Flow Measurement and Instrumentation
Volumen : 66
Páginas : 79-85
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Particle Image Velocimetry is commonly used to compute velocity fields in several areas including fluid mechanics, hydraulics and geophysics. However, acquired images often contain deformations caused either by camera lenses or placement. In this work the most popular digital transformation methods used to remove/reduce these deformations are benchmarked and suggestions tailoring specific transformations to different types of deformations are made. This article also shows the reduction of the error associated to the first and second order statistics, in the case of two-dimensional Particle Image Velocimetry, when the transformation techniques are applied to the computed velocity fields, and not the raw images, a common option in available commercial software.