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Antillon, E., Alarcón, L. F., Acuña, D. Hallowell, M. and Molenaar, K.. A RESEARCH SYNTHESIS ON THE INTERFACE, Proceedings IGLC-19, July 2011, Lima, Perú, pp. 644-655 (2011)


Revista : Proceedings IGLC-19, July 2011, Lima, Perú
Páginas : 644-655
Tipo de publicación : Conferencia No DCC


Applying lean construction practices to safety management is a promising researcharea and has been discussed by multiple authors. Some researchers propose that thereduction of occupational hazards is a naturally occurring effect of theimplementation of lean practices. To further understand how lean practices affectproject safety performance, an interaction matrix between lean construction and safetymanagement practices was developed by performing a research synthesis andvalidating the synthesis with structured interviews. The variables analyzed in thisinteraction matrix were elements of the lean production system such as the lastplanner system, autonomation, and standardization, and the most common safetymanagement practices such as planning and staffing for safety. The interface betweenlean construction and safety management was systematically analyzed by assessingthe conclusions from previous investigations. The results indicate that there is asignificant amount of evidence of synergy between lean production practices andsafety management practices. For example, project-specific safety objectives can beincorporated in the lookahead planning process, and autonomation could be directlyextended to worker involvement in such a way that workers can stop productionwhenever they feel in danger, among others. This evidence, along with the resultsobtained from the analysis of the interaction matrix, can also help to develop andintegrate future production and safety management models.