Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Herrera C., Pinto-Neira J., Fuentealba D., Sepúlveda C., Rosenkranz A., González M., Escalona M. (2020)

Biomass-derived furfural conversion over Ni/CNT catalysts at the interface of water – oil emulsion droplets

Revista : Catalysis Communications
Volumen : 144
Páginas : 106070
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Carbon nanotubes-supported Ni catalysts were investigated for the hydrogenation of furfural as a biomass-derived furanic model compound at the liquid-liquid interface of Pickering emulsions in a batch reactor at 200 °C and 2.0 MPa of H2 pressure. The catalysts were characterized by N2 physisorption, He-TPD/MS, NH3-TPD/MS, TEM, CO chemisorption, H2-TPR, contact angle and optical/fluorescent microscopy. It was found that an increase of surface oxygen groups allows for the formation of amphiphilic particles. The amphiphilic 10%Ni/CNTox particles were homogeneous dispersed at the water-oil interface of the emulsion droplets thus enhancing the catalytic activity in furfural conversion.