Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Quevedo R., Valencia E., López P., Gunckel E., Pedreschi F. and Bastías J. (2014)

Characterizing the variability of enzymatic browning in fresh-cut apple slices

Revista : Food and Bioprocess Technology
Volumen : 7
Número : 5
Páginas : 1526-1532
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Browning reaction variability in apple slices was characterized using a new procedure denominating the differential pixel method. Using this method, a kinetic rate and an empirical order of reaction were derived for each pixel in an image corresponding to a sliced apple surface undergoing browning; each pixel in the image can be seen as a small portion of the fruit. In the experiments, 40 samples of fresh-cut apple slice were put on a computer vision system and images recorded over time at a room temperature of 5 °C. Data was fitted to the Weibullian model kinetic. Results confirmed strong heterogeneity in the values of enzymatic browning kinetic rate on the apple surface; this variability was characterized as a normal logarithmical distribution, with a mean rate kinetic value of the −0.0117 ± 0.0036 units of L* decayed per minute. The empirical order of reaction was distributed on the surface following a normal statistical distribution with a mean equal to 0.451 ± 0.046. No statistical differences were established in the kinetic rate and in the empirical order when the differential pixel method was compared with the traditional method (where a mean of the L* intensity value was used).