Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Leal-Villarroel E., Seguel J., Rodríguez P., Blanco E., Escalona N., Pecchi G., Sepúlveda C. (2022)

Conversion of Levulinic Acid over Ru/SrZrO3 and Ru/BaZrO3 Supported Basic Catalysts

Revista : ChemCatChem
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The catalytic performance of Ru impregnated perovskites-based catalysts (Ru/SrZrO3 and Ru/BaZrO3) in the conversion of levulinic acid (LA) into higher valuable chemicals was carried out at different reaction temperatures. The Ru/SrZrO3 and Ru/BaZrO3 catalysts, with a loading of 2.0 Ru atoms nm?2, were prepared by incipient impregnation, and characterized by different techniques. The characterization results indicate presence of dispersed Ru catalysts, with a crystalline structure, with absence of carbonate species for Ru/SrZrO3 and larger carbonates as segregated phase and with stronger basic sites for Ru/BaZrO3. At higher reaction temperatures (200?°C – 250?°C), the higher strength of the basic sites of Ru/BaZrO3 had a direct influence on the levulinic acid (LA) conversion reaction. Differences in the apparent activation energy (Eap) values follow the same trend. The catalysts produce a 100?% of selectivity towards GVL. The formation of GVL was proposed to proceed via the intermediacy of 4-hydroxypentanoic acid due to the presence of basic surface sites.