Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Araus K.A., Casado V., del Valle J.M., Robert P.S., de la Fuente J.C. (2019)

Cosolvent effect of ethanol on the solubility of lutein in supercritical carbon dioxide

Revista : Journal of Supercritical Fluids
Volumen : 143
Páginas : 205-210
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This contribution presents new high-pressure solubility data of solid trans-lutein in pure carbon dioxide (CO2), and mixtures of CO2 and ethanol. The cosolvent effect of ethanol was determined by comparing lutein solubility between the ternary (CO2 + ethanol + lutein) and binary (CO2 + lutein) systems at (313, 323, and 333) K and from (18.70 to 33.55) MPa. 92% pure lutein was isolated from marigold flower petals. Solubility was measured using a dynamic-analytical method with recirculation and online analysis of the CO2-rich phase. The solubility of lutein in pure and ethanol-modified CO2 increased with system temperature and pressure. Solubilities in pure CO2 ranged from 0.82 10−6 mol mol−1 at (313 K and 18.70 MPa) to 2.45 10−6 mol mol−1 at (333 K and 32.91 MPa). The highest solubility of lutein in CO2 experimentally measured was 4.02 10−6 mol mol−1 at (333 K and 32.91 MPa) when adding 0.0211 mol mol−1 of ethanol.