Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Soto L., Pavez C., Moreno J., Cardenas M., Tarifeno A., Silva P., Zambra M., Huerta L., Tenreiro C., Giordano J.L., Lagos M., Retamal C., Escobar R., Ramos J. and Altamirano L. (2008)

Dense transient pinches and pulsed power technology: research and applications using medium and small devices. http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/0031-8949/2008/T131/014031

Revista : Physica Scripta
Volumen : T131
Páginas : 014031
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The Plasma Physics and Plasma Technology Group of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CCHEN) has, since about ten years ago, used plasma production devices to study dense hot plasmas, particularly Z-pinches and plasma foci (PFs). In the case of Z-pinches, the studies include studies on the dynamics and stability of gas-embedded Z-pinches at currents of thermonuclear interest, and preliminary studies on wire arrays. For PF research, the aim of the work has been to characterize the physics of these plasmas and also to carry out the design and construction of smaller devices—in terms of both input energy and size—capable of providing dense hot plasmas. In addition, taking advantage of the experience in pulsed power technology obtained from experimental researches in dense transient plasmas, an exploratory line of pulsed power applications is being developed. In this paper, a brief review listing the most important results achieved by the Plasma Physics and Plasma Technology Group of the CCHEN is presented, including the scaling studies, PF miniaturization and diagnostics and research on Z-pinches at currents of thermonuclear interest. Then, exploratory applications of pulsed power are presented, including nanoflashes of radiation for radiography and substances detection, high pulsed magnetic fields generation and rock fragmentation.