Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Matamala-Troncoso F., Ky Nguyen C., MacFarlane D., Isaacs M., Sáez-Navarrete C. (2021)

Facile methodology to generate Cu2O/TiO2 heterojunction on FTO electrode for photoelectroreduction of nitrate

Revista : Materials Letters
Volumen : 293
Páginas : 1-4
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Easy and low-cost synthesis of a Cu2O/TiO2/FTO electrode is proposed. The Cu2O/TiO2 heterojunction was synthesized by sintering TiO2 nanoparticles on an FTO electrode surface, followed by a Cu2O electrochemical deposition step. Characterization of the electrode was performed by FE-SEM-EDX microscopy, Raman and UV–Vis DR spectroscopy, and electrochemical methods. The photoelectrochemical behavior was characterized, and the p-type character material was confirmed. The reduction of nitrate to nitrite was performed using the Cu2O/TiO2/FTO electrode under Xe lamp illumination with lower overpotentials than those commonly used in this electrochemical process. Nitrate/nitrite conversion was achieved with a promising result of about 22% conversion at ?0.05 V RHE.