Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Alcaíno P., Santa-María H., Magna-Verdugo C., López L. (2020)

Fast Assessment Of Post-Fire Residual Strength Of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings Based On Non-Destructive Tests

Revista : Construction and Building Materials
Volumen : 234
Páginas : 117371
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Assessment of the residual strength of reinforced concrete buildings subjected to fire is a problem that requires fast and sufficiently reliable resolution, necessary for the action of firefighters, forensic fire investigation, and structural assessment of post-fire condition of the building to take place. In all cases safety and integrity of firefighters and researchers can be at risk, and it is necessary to have rapidly and sufficiently reliable information in order to choose whether to enter freely, to enter with caution, or simply do not enter to the burned structure. This required prompt assessment gives no time or background to develop mathematical models of the structure and damage propagation. This work presents an experimental methodology for a fast assessment of post-fire residual strength of reinforced concrete frame buildings based on the high correlation between the loss of strength and non-destructive test results of frame concrete elements subjected to fire action.