Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Modak N.M., Merigó J.M., Weber R., Manzor F. and Ortúzar J. de D. (2019)

Fifty years of Transportation Research journals: A bibliometric overview

Revista : Transportation Research Part A-Policy and Practice
Volumen : 120
Páginas : 188-223
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Transportation Research (TR) was established in 1967 with the vision of promoting multi-disciplinary (economics, engineering, sociology, psychology) research on transport systems. The journal has continuously expanded its wings becoming a world-leading journal, now publishing research work through six parts, A to F, respectively addressing Policy and Practice, Methodological, Emerging Technologies, Transport and Environment, Logistics and Transportation Review, and Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. This study aims to celebrate the first half century of the journal through a bibliometric study of the publications on all six parts between 1967 and 2016. It uses the most reliable database for academic research, the Web of Science Core Collection, to identify the leading trends in all TR journals in terms of impact, topics, authors, universities, and countries. Moreover, it uses the Visualization of Similarities (VOS) viewer software to analyse bibliographic coupling, co-citation, citation, co-authorship, and co-occurrence of keywords.