Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Usman M., Ruijsink B., Nazir M.S., Cruz G. and Prieto C. (2017)

Free breathing whole-heart 3D CINE MRI with self-gated Cartesian trajectory

Revista : Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Volumen : 38
Páginas : 129-137
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Purpose: To present a method that uses a novel free-running self-gated acquisition to achieve isotropic resolution in whole heart 3D Cartesian cardiac CINE MRI.Material and Methods: 3D cardiac CINE MRI using navigator gating results in long acquisition times. Recently, several frameworks based on self-gated non-Cartesian trajectories have been proposed to accelerate this acquisition. However, non-Cartesian reconstructions are computationally expensive due to gridding, particularly in 3D. In this work, we propose a novel highly efficient self-gated Cartesian approach for 3D cardiac CINE MRI. Acquisition is performed using CArtesian trajectory with Spiral Profile ordering and Tiny golden angle step for eddy current reduction (so called here CASPR-Tiger). Data is acquired continuously under free breathing (retrospective ECG gating, no preparation pulses interruption) for 4-5 minutes and 4D whole-heart volumes (3D + cardiac phases) with isotropic spatial resolution are reconstructed from all available data using a soft gating technique combined with temporal total variation (TV) constrained iterative SENSE reconstruction.Results: For data acquired on eight healthy subjects and three patients, the reconstructed images using proposed method had good contrast and spatio-temporal variations, correctly recovering diastolic and systolic cardiac phases. Non-significant differences (P > 0.05) were observed in cardiac functional measurements obtained with proposed 3D approach and gold standard 2D multi-slice breath-hold acquisitionConclusion: The proposed approach enables isotropic 3D whole heart Cartesian cardiac CINE MRI in 4 to 5 minutes free breathing acquisition.