Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Rodríguez I., Cajamarca G., Herskovic V., Fuentes C. and Campos M. (2017)

Helping elderly users report pain levels: a study of user experience with mobile and wearable interfaces

Revista : Mobile Information Systems
Volumen : 2017
Páginas : 12pp
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Pain is usually measured through patient reports during doctor visits, but it requires regular evaluation under real-life conditions
to be resolved effectively. Over half of older adults suffer frompain. Chronic conditions such as this onemay be monitored through
technology; however, elderly users require technology to be specifically designed for them, because many have cognitive and
physical limitations and lack digital skills. The purpose of this article is to study whether mobile or wearable devices are appropriate
to self-report pain levels and to find which body position ismore appropriate for elderly people to wear a device to self-report pain.
We implemented three prototypes and conducted two phases of evaluation. We found that users preferred the wearable device
over the mobile application and that a wearable to self-report pain should be designed specifically for this purpose. Regarding the
placement of the wearable, we found that there was no preferred position overall, although the neck position received the most
positive feedback.We believe that the possibility of creating a wearable device that may be placed in different positions may be the
best solution to satisfy users’ individual preferences.