Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Guajardo N., Domínguez de María P., Canales R. (2022)

Integrating Biocatalysis with Viscous Deep Eutectic Solvents in Lab-On-A-Chip Microreactors

Revista : ChemSusChem
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The combination of deep eutectic solvents (DESs, ChCl/glycerol 1?:?2) with buffer (up to 15?% v/v) leads to solvent mixtures that exert viscosities below 25?mPa?s?1 at 45?°C while keeping their non-aqueous nature. This enables the setup of efficient enzymatic esterifications, which can also be applied in different continuous systems. Following those premises, the use of microreactors in biocatalytic reactions was explored using (low-viscous) DES-buffer media, showing that reactions could be performed efficiently. Under non-optimized conditions, the microreactor devices led to specific productivities considerably higher than those observed in the batch reactor (14 vs. 0.24?mgproduct?min?1?mgbiocat?1) at the same enzyme loadings and conversion of 6?% (to assure a fair comparison). Looking beyond, the combination of several microchannels (e.?g., in scale-out fashion) with DES-water media may lead to powerful, sustainable, and efficient tools for industrial synthesis.