Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Küstner T., Bustin A., Jaubert O., Hajhosseiny R., Masci P.G., Neji R., Botnar R.M., Prieto C. (2020)

Isotropic 3D Cartesian single breath‐hold CINE MRI with multi‐bin patch‐based low‐rank reconstruction

Revista : Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
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A variable‐density Cartesian acquisition with spiral profile ordering, out‐inward sampling, and acquisition‐adaptive alternating tiny golden/golden angle increment between spiral arms is proposed to provide incoherent and nonredundant sampling within and among cardiac phases. A novel multi‐bin patch‐based low‐rank reconstruction, named MB‐PROST, is proposed to exploit redundant information on a local (within a patch), nonlocal (similar patches within a spatial neighborhood), and temporal (among all cardiac phases) scale with an implicit motion alignment among patches. The proposed multi‐bin patch‐based low‐rank reconstruction reconstruction is compared against compressed sensing reconstruction, whereas LV function parameters derived from the proposed 3D CINE framework are compared against those estimated from conventional multislice 2D CINE imaging in 10 healthy subjects and 15 patients.
Conclusion: The proposed framework enables 3D isotropic cardiac CINE in a single breath-hold scan of~20s/~26s for LV/whole-heart coverage, showing good agree-ment with clinical 2D CINE scans in terms of LV functional assessment.