Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Sánchez A.J., González H.A., Celentano D.J. and Jorba J. (2016)

Mechanical and metallurgical changes on 308L wires drawn by electropulses

Revista : Materials & Design
Volumen : 90
Páginas : 1159-1169
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The electroplastic effects resulting from different electropulses configurations on a wire drawing process are investigatedexperimentally and numerically. Electropulses are induced into 308L stainless steel while it is simultaneouslywire drawn. A current density of 185 A/mm2, a frequency range from 140 to 355 Hz and a pulseduration range from100 to 250 μs are combined to electrically assist thewire drawing process. The electropulsinginfluence is studied in several mechanical parameters, like drawing forces, stress–strain curves and the effectiveenergy required for each electric configuration. X-ray diffraction and electron backscatter diffraction techniquesare used to determine the impact of electropulses on the microstructure, in order to explain the mechanical behaviourvariations. The results show that the formability of the material increases up to 11.9%, while the relativeenergy efficiency of the process improves up to 7.6% when the specimens are assisted in situ by electropulses.Moreover, the microstructure and phase determination analysis denoted that the electropulses induce a dynamicrecrystallization process, a detwinning process and also an attenuation of α martensite.