Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Barrionuevo G. O., Ramos-Grez J.A., Walczak M., Sánchez-Sánchez X., Guerra C., Debut A., Haro E. (2022)

Microstructure simulation and anisotropy evaluation of 316L stainless-steel laser-based powder bed fusion

Revista : Rapid Prototyping Journal
Páginas : 1-12
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The effect of processing parameters on the microstructure of steel produced by laser-based powder bed fusion (LPBF) was studied. Since LPBF generates a textured microstructure, it is of interest to determine the fabrication plane that would generate the desired property distribution within a component. Microstructure of 316L produced by LPBF was characterized experimentally and a finite element method was employed to study the microstructure features of grain diameter, orientation, and thermal parameters. Computational tool of Ansys Additive reproduced the effect of varying laser power, scanning speed, and hatch spacing on the microstructure. Conditions for obtaining maximum densification and minimum fusion defects were consistent with experiments, and higher microhardness near the component´s surface and distribution of surface roughness were also reproduced.