Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Brunet S., de la Llera J.C. and Kausel E. (2016)

Non-linear modeling of seismic isolation systems made of recycled tire-rubber

Revista : Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Volumen : 85
Páginas : 134-145
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This article considers the effectiveness of a seismic isolation system composed of a shallow layer of soil mixed with sand and rubber from shredded tires. A thorough review of past work is first provided, which is then followed by an evaluation of the constitutive properties of sand-rubber soil mixtures when these undergo large states of deformation and slip. Finally, a comprehensive set of simulations that involve a structure underlain by a strongly non-linear, seismic isolating layer when subjected to a variety of actual earthquakes scaled to various peak accelerations, are considered in detail. It is shown that the concept of using soil-rubber mixtures for the purposes of seismic isolation appears promising. A thickness for the rubber–soil mixture of just 2–3 m is likely to be enough to achieve good levels of reductions in the seismic response of the structure. This suggests the desirability of following these analyses with large-scale experimental verifications, not only to fully validate the concept, but also to quantify and assess the numerical predictions with our simple even if non-linear mechanical models, and verify the large-strain constitutive properties of the soil mixtures inferred from laboratory analyses.