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Escobar A., Celentano D., Cruchaga M. and Schulz B. (2015)

On the Effect of Pouring Temperature on Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Solidification

Revista : Metals
Volumen : 5
Número : 2
Páginas : 628-647
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This work is focused on the effect of pouring temperature on thethermal-microstructural response of an eutectic spheroidal graphite cast iron (SGCI). Tothis end, experiments as well as numerical simulations were carried out. Solidification testsin a wedge-like part were cast at two different pouring temperatures. Five specificlocations exhibiting distinct cooling rates along the sample were chosen for temperaturemeasurements and metallographic analysis to obtain the number and size of graphitenodules at the end of the process. The numerical simulations were performed using amultinodular-based model. Reasonably good numerical-experimental agreements wereobtained for both the cooling curves and the graphite nodule counts.