Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Abramowicz H., Abusleme A., Afanaciev K., Aguilar J., Álvarez E., Ávila D., Benhammou Y., Bortko L., Borysov O., Bergholz M., Bozovic-Jelisavcic I., Castro E., Chelkov G., Coca C., Daniluk W., Dumitru L., Elsener K., Fadeyev V., Firlej M., Firu E., et al. (2015)

Performance of fully instrumented detector planes of the forward calorimeter of a Linear Collider detector

Revista : Journal of Instrumentation
Volumen : 10
Número : P05009
Páginas : 26pp
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Detector-plane prototypes of the very forward calorimetry of a future detector at an e+e− collider have been built and their performance was measured in an electron beam. The detector plane comprises silicon or GaAs pad sensors, dedicated front-end and ADC ASICs, and an FPGA for data concentration. Measurements of the signal-to-noise ratio for different feedback schemes and the response as a function of the position of the sensor are presented. A deconvolution method is successfully applied, and a comparison of the measured shower shape as a function of the absorber depth with a Monte-Carlo simulation is given.