Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Catalán P.A., Cienfuegos R. and Villagrán M. (2014)

Perspectives on the Long-Term Equilibrium of a Wave Dominated Coastal Zone Affected by Tsunamis: The Case of Central Chile

Revista : Journal of Coastal Research
Volumen : 71
Páginas : 55-61
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The capability to predict the long term evolution of coastal state parameters can be severely affected by neglecting major geomorphic forcings. Among these, the effect of tsunamis as been largely neglected along the Chilean coast. In this contribution, we present a qualitative and descriptive assessment of the sudden change induced by the tsunami on a coastal location in Central Chile, and the consequent recovery process. The latter is driven mostly by strong wave forcing, with a very fast recovery capactity. The necessity and consequences of including tsunamis in long term evaluations fo coastal morphology are briefly discussed.