Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
González R.M., Román C., Ortúzar, J. de D. (2019)

Preferences for sustainable mobility in natural areas: the case of Teide National Park

Revista : Journal of Transport Geography
Volumen : 76
Páginas : 42-51
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We conducted a stated choice experiment with visitors to the Teide National Park (TNP), where a hypothetical park shuttle bus connecting its main points of interest was simulated. Using these data, we estimated a model focused on capturing systematic and random heterogeneity in the park visitors’ preferences. We obtained visitors’ willingness-to-pay (WTP) for saving time while searching for a parking space (when using cars), and also visitors’ WTP for reducing the waiting time required to start the visit in the shuttle bus. Moreover, regarding the environmental impact of the visit, we obtained individuals’ WTP for reducing CO2 emissions.Our results suggest that visitors would be willing to pay nearly 11€ for reducing the time spent finding a parking space and 9€ for reducing the waiting time to start the visit, in one hour; further, they would be willing to pay 3€ for reducing in 20gr the CO2 emissions per occupant. These values are higher for females, for German visitors and for those who are regular bike riders at their home location. Moreover, we found that visitors aged between 55 and 60 had the highest WTP.These results may be used to design transport management policies for relieving visitors’ dependence on personal vehicles, helping to increase the visit quality and reduce the negative externalities associated with current mobility patterns in the park.