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Rojas P., López D., Ibañez F., Urbina C., Franco W., Urtubia A., Valencia P. (2021)

Recycling and Conversion of Yeasts into Organic Nitrogen Sources for Wine Fermentation: Effects on Molecular and Sensory Attributes

Revista : Fermentation
Volumen : 7
Número : 4
Páginas : 313
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Organic nitrogen plays a significant role in the fermentation performance and production of esters and higher alcohols. This study assessed the use of yeast protein hydrolysate (YPH) as a nitrogen source for grape must fermentation. In this study, we prepared an enzymatic protein hydrolysate using yeasts recovered from a previous fermentation of wine. Three treatments were performed. DAP supplementation was used as a control, while two YPH treatments were used. Low (LDH) and high degrees of hydrolysis (HDH), 3.5% and 10%, respectively, were chosen. Gas chromatography and principal component analysis indicated a significant positive influence of YPH-supplementations on the production of esters and higher alcohols. Significantly high concen- trations of 3-methyl-1-penthanol, isoamyl alcohol, isobutanol, and 2-phenylethanol were observed. Significant odorant activity was obtained for 3-methyl-1-pentanol and ethyl-2-hexenoate. The use of YPH as nitrogen supplementation is justified as a recycling yeasts technique by the increase in volatile compounds.