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Ginami G., Neji R., Phinikaridou A., Whitaker J., Botnar R.M. and Prieto C. (2018)

Simultaneous bright- and black-blood whole-heart MRI for noncontrast enhanced coronary lumen and thrombus visualization

Revista : Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Volumen : 79
Número : 3
Páginas : 1460-1472
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Purpose: To develop a novel 3D whole-heart Bright-blood and black blOOd phase SensiTive inversion recovery (BOOST) sequence for simultaneous non-contrast enhanced coronary lumen, thrombus and intraplaque hemorrhage visualization. Methods: The proposed BOOST sequence alternates the acquisition of two differently weighted bright-blood datasets that are then combined in a phase sensitive inversion recovery (PSIR)-like reconstruction to obtain a third, fully coregistered, black-blood dataset. The bright-blood datasets are used for both visualization of the coronary lumen and motion estimation, whereas the complementary black-blood dataset allows thrombus and hemorrhage visualization. Furthermore, integration with 2D image-based navigation enables 100% scan efficiency and predictable scan times. The proposed sequence was validated in a standardized phantom and compared to conventional coronary MR angiography (CMRA) and PSIR sequences in healthy subjects. Feasibility for thrombus depiction was tested ex-vivo in a pig heart. Results: With BOOST, the coronary lumen is visualized with significantly higher (P<0.05) SNR, CNR and vessel sharpness when compared to conventional CMRA. Furthermore, BOOST showed effective blood signal suppression as well as feasibility for thrombus visualization ex-vivo. Conclusion: A new PSIR sequence for non-contrast enhanced simultaneous coronary lumen and thrombus/hemorrhage detection was developed. The sequence provided improved coronary lumen depiction and effective thrombus visualization.