Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Barahona C., Nussbaum M., Martin V., Hilliger I. (2022)

Technology-scaffolded peer assessment for developing critical thinking in pre-service teacher training: the importance of giving feedback

Revista : Educational Technology Research & Development
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Developing critical thinking is becoming increasingly important as is giving and receiving feedback during the learning process. The aim of this work is to study how technology can scaffold peer assessment activities to develop critical thinking among pre-service teachers and study the relevance of giving and receiving feedback. A series of practice and application activities were introduced using technology-scaffolded peer assessment. Technological scaffolding minimized classroom logistics, while at the same time resolved any personal issues between peers as the tasks were assigned at random. Mixed-methods analysis revealed that technology-scaffolded peer assessment with anonymous feedback aided the significant development of critical thinking activities. It also showed that the feedback that was given was a predictor of the success of these activities. The added value of this work is that we show that for pre-service teachers, in a Reading Methods course, we can improve critical thinking skills with technology scaffolded peer assessment, and that giving feedback shows to be more relevant than receiving it.