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Ren H., Yang D., Watts David, Chen X., 2014, “The Impact of Large Scale Wind Power Integration on a Regional Power Grid-a Case Study” Applied Mechanics and Materials 472, 219-225 (2014)

The Impact of Large Scale Wind Power Integration on a Regional Power Grid-a Case Study

Revista : Applied Mechanics and Materials
Volumen : 472
Páginas : 219-225
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Renewable Energy especially wind energy integration has attained profound growth across the worldwide power system. Wind energy integration at large scale comes up with the challenge on voltages and reactive power management at power system level. The research work presented in this paper has analyzed the impact of wind energy on reactive power reserve with special reference to Hebei Southern Power System. The maximum wind power integration capacity is calculated, and the effect of increasing wind power integration on voltage profiles is studied. Possible controls from system sides and its effects on wind power integration are explored. Study shows that with the increase of the wind power integration capacity, the intermittency and variation will bring more serious problems to the system frequency regulation, reserve service and voltage control. These problems also become the limiting factors for further increase of large-scale wind power integration. In order to make a better use of wind power resources in Heibei province and maintain system safety at the same time, further research should be performed on exploring the reactive and active power regulation and control of the wind farm and the methods to decrease the variability of wind farm outputs.