Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Delpiano R., Laval J., Coeymans J.E. and Herrera J.C. (2015)

The kinematic wave model with finite decelerations: A social force car-following model approximation

Revista : Transportation Research Part B-Methodological
Volumen : 71
Páginas : 182-193
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This paper derives a five-parameter social force car-following model that converges to the kinematic wave model with triangular fundamental diagram. Analytical solutions for vehicle trajectories are found for the lead-vehicle problem, which exhibit clockwise and counter-clockwise hysteresis depending on the model’s parameters and the lead vehicle trajectory. When coupled with a stochastic vehicle dynamics module, the model is able to reproduce periods and amplitudes of stop-and-go waves, as reported in the field. The model’s stability conditions are analysed and its trajectories are compared to real data.