Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Cox T. and Hurtubia R. (2016)

Vectors of urban expansion and its interaction with the socioeconomic patterns existing in the city of Santiago

Revista : EURE
Volumen : 42
Número : 127
Páginas : 185-207
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In the context of the expansion of the metropolitan area of Santiago without master plans and based on real estate developers who decide the location and type of project to be developed (meeting certain conditions), the segregation of Santiago is reproduced in the new projects in the peri-urban area. The hypothesis of this investigation is that the unit price in a new housing development is explained by its relationship with other existing projects. The relation is measured considering travel times between projects, ranked by price. The results verify that projects seek proximity to the projects of the same type and with the socioeconomic groups to which they are associated. This indicates that while new developments aimed at a certain socioeconomic group can be located in other socioeconomic sectors, they do maintain relationships with their peers.