Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Cienfuegos R., Villagran M., Aguilera J.C., Catalan P., Castelle B. and Almar R. (2014)

Video monitoring and field measurements of a rapidly evolving coastal system: the river mouth and sand spit of the Mataquito River in Chile

Revista : Journal of Coastal Research
Número : 70
Páginas : 639-644
Tipo de publicación : ISI


The understanding of morphological processes controlling the evolution of sand spit reformation after a tsunami impact is a challenging and interesting topic, especially in highly energetic and micro tidal environments. A field campaign performed during December 2012 at the Mataquito River mouth in Chile, allowed us to simultaneously monitor topobathymetry evolution, wave climate, tidal range, swash zone dynamics and upper beach face evolution over a portion of its sand spit. A video system was set up for a continuous and long-term monitoring of the evolution of the river mouth and sand spit. Primarily, in this work we focus on the application of a video-derived shoreline detection method to assess shoreline evolution and beach cusps migration at hourly scales. We test the method performance on short-term episodic migration of beach cusps recorded during the campaign. Beach face variations at a daily scale were observed, which can be attributed to the migration of beach cusps in the alongshore direction, and linked to wave forcing and alongshore sediment transport.