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Chávez-Rodríguez M.Varela D.Rodrigues F.Bustos Salvagno J.Köberle A.C.Vasquez-Arroyo E.Raineri R.Rabinovich G. ( 2017 )

The role of LNG and unconventional gas in the future natural gas markets of Argentina and Chile

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 45 584-598
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Global rainfall erosivity assessment based on high-temporal resolution rainfall records

Scientific Reports 7 12
Twining P.Heller R.S.Tsai C-C. ( 2017 )

Some guidance on conducting and reporting qualitative studies

Computers & Education 106 A1-A9
Schwab C.Zech J. ( 2017 )

Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Random Surfaces: Shape Holomorphy

Mathematical Models & Methods in Applied Sciences