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Sahli Costabal F.Concha F.A.Kuhl E. ( 2017 )

The importance of mechano-electrical feedback and inertia in cardiac electromechanics

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 320 352-368
Wensel G.MacDonald J.Callaway D.S. ( 2017 )

Real-Time Charging Strategies for an Electric Vehicle Aggregator to Provide Ancillary Services

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.
Pammi V.S.C.Ruiz S.Lee S.Noussair C.N. ( 2017 )

The Effect of Wealth Shocks on Loss Aversion: Behavior and Neural Correlates

Frontiers in Neuroscience 11 10
Jacob W.Cooper D.R.Gutowski T. ( 2017 )

The efficiency of copper ore comminution: A thermodynamic exergy analysis

Minerals Engineering 109 21-31
Torres W.Boroschek R. ( 2017 )

Operational modal analysis and FE model updating of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago, Chile.

Engineering Structures 143 169-188
Dostert Oliveira Filho F.M.and Vallentin F. ( 2017 )

New Upper Bounds for the Density of Translative Packings of Three-Dimensional Convex Bodies with Tetrahedral Symmetry

Discrete & Computational Geometry
Posmanik R.Kim A.H.Usack J.G.Tester J.W.Angenent L.T. ( 2017 )

Coupling hydrothermal liquefaction and anaerobic digestion for energy valorization from model biomass feedstocks

Bioresource Technology 233 134-143
Martínez A.Rollins K.M. ( 2017 )

Analytical fragility curves for non-skewed highway bridges in Chile

Engineering Structures 141 530-542
Sandoval G.Molenaar A.A.A. ( 2017 )

Economic feasibility of residential and commercial PV technology: The Chilean case

International Journal of Pavement Engineering.