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Santelices G.Liao H. ( 2017 )

Channel coordination on fixed-termmaintenance outsourcing contracts

IIE Transactions 48 7 651-660
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Thermal analysis of solar-assisted heat pumps for swimming pool heating

Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering In press
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Predicting the Potential Market for Electric Vehicles

Transportation Science
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Adsorbent-assisted supercritical CO2 extraction of carotenoids from Neochloris oleoabundans paste

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Improvement of the BiOI photocatalytic activity optimizing the solvothermal synthesis

Solid State Sciences 63 84-92
Naranjo Lourido W.Muñoz L.Cortés C.A. ( 2017 )

Design of Electric Buses for Rapid Transit using Hybrid Energy Storage and Local Traffic Parameters

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.
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A risk averse approach to the capacity allocation problem in the airline cargo industry

Journal of the Operational Research Society
Vásquez A.Sciarresi E.Martínez T.Barahona C.Strasser K. ( 2017 )

The Impact of the Technology Used in Formative Assessment The Case of Spelling

Journal of Educational Computing Research 54 8 1142-1167