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Molina J.D.Contreras J. ( 2017 )

A Risk-Constrained Project Portfolio in Centralized Transmission Expansion Planning

IEEE Systems Journal
Ros T.Stoeckel L.Haller S.Scharnowski F.Lewis-Peacock J.Weiskopf N.Blefari M.L.Rana M.Oblak E.Birbaumer N.Sulzer J. ( 2017 )

Closed-loop brain training: the science of neurofeedback

Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Hernández-López M.F.Braud I. ( 2017 )

Modelling evaporation processes in soils from the Huasco salt flat basin, Chile

Hydrological Processes 30 25 4704–4719
Estay N.P.Carretier S.Lira E.Maringue J. ( 2017 )

Seismic hazard in low slip rate crustal faults, estimating the characteristic event and the most hazardous zone: study case San Ramón Fault, in southern Andes

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 16 12 2511-2528
Lara B.A.Castro R.Aguilera P.R.Ruiz C.Andresen M. ( 2017 )

The impact of a better coordination between emergency and intensive care units in the care of critically ill patients

Revista Medica de Chile 144 7 917-924
Miranda J.Rey P.A.Sauré A. ( 2017 )

An integer programming approach to curriculum-based examination timetabling

Annals of Operations Research 1-24
( 2017 )

Optimal pricing and composition of multiple bundles: A two-step approach

European Journal of Operational Research
Morales Fierro J.O.Díaz-Droguett D.E.Reparaz J.E.Sotomayor Torres C.M.Ganguli S.Luo T. ( 2017 )

Effect of the annealing on the power factor of un-doped cold-pressed SnSe

Applied Thermal Engineering 111 1426-1432
Covaciu M.Richter E.Tan J-C. ( 2017 )

A Method for Fabricating Stainless Steel Pellets with Open-Cell Porosity by Alkaline Leaching of Silica Template

Advanced Engineering Materials 18 8 1616-1625