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Medina D.A.Pedreros J.P.Turiel D.Quezada N.Pimentel F.Escalona A. ( 2017 )

Distinct patterns in the gut microbiota after surgical or medical therapy in obese patients

PeerJ 5 e3443 22
Boccardo A.D.Dardati P.M.Godoy L.A. ( 2017 )

Austempering heat treatment of ductile iron: Computational simulation and experimental validation

Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 134 82-91
González-Núñez H.Ayancán B.Neichel B. ( 2017 )

Effect of the influence function of deformable mirrors on laser beam shaping.

Applied Optics 56 6 1637-1646
Hincapié A-S.Kujala J.Mattout J.Pascarella A.Daligault S.Delpuech C.Cosmelli D.Jerbi K. ( 2017 )

The impact of MEG source reconstruction method on source-space connectivity estimation: A comparison between minimum-norm solution and beamforming

Neuroimage 156 29-42
Contreras J. ( 2017 )

Effects of Transmission Congestion on Different Incentive Policies for Renewable Energy

Journal of Energy Engineering-ASCE 143 1 18
Ramírez-Donoso L.Rojas-Riethmuller J.S.Alario-Hoyos C. ( 2017 )

MyMOOCSpace: A Cloud-Based Mobile System to Support Effective Collaboration in Higher Education Online Courses

Computer Applications in Engineering Education
Sandoval V.Victorero F.Bustamante W.Rojas V. ( 2017 )

Porous Media Characterization to Simulate Water and Heat Transport through Green Roof Substrates

Vadose Zone Journal 16 4 14