Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Sanzana P., Gironás J., Braud I., Branger I., Rodriguez F., Vargas X., Hitschfeld N., Muñoz J.F., Vicuña S., Mejía A. and Jankowfsky S. (2017)

A GIS-based urban and peri-urban landscape representation toolbox for hydrological distributed modeling

Revista : Environmental Modelling & Software
Volumen : 91
Páginas : 168-185
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Flowpaths are significantly affected by land use change and engineered elements across urban catchments. Conventional GIS-based tools for extracting drainage networks were not developed for urban terrains. This work presents Geo-PUMMA, a GIS toolbox to generate vectorial meshes for terrain representation in distributed hydrological modeling, and to extract drainage patterns in urban and peri-urban catchments. Geo-PUMMA generates well-shaped Hydrological Response Units (HRUs) and Urban Hydrological Elements (UHEs). The toolbox was used in peri-urban catchments of Chile and France to generate three model meshes with different levels of treatment, and extract and compare their corresponding drainage networks. A recommended mesh is identified, which replicates the main morphological and hydrological features of the reference drainage network, and is able to preserve features at small to medium spatial scales (∼80–150 m). Overall Geo-PUMMA can be used to represent the terrain in distributed hydrological modeling applied to urban and peri-urban scales.