Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Giannoni C., Alarcón L.F. and Vera S. (2018)

Diagnosis of Sustainable Business Strategies Implemented by Chilean Construction Companies

Revista : Sustainability
Volumen : 10
Número : 1
Páginas : 19pp
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Construction companies need to formulate sustainable construction business strategiesto create a competitive advantage and remain in the market. This requires that construction firmsincorporate sustainability into their business model. However, the current situation of the firmmust be known before following the path to be a sustainable construction firm. Therefore, the aimof this research is to identify sustainable business strategies and their level of implementation inChilean construction companies. A survey was designed and applied to 245 construction firmsto provide statistically valid and reliable information, thus supporting both the senior managers’decision-making process and the companies’ strategic planning. The main results show that thecompanies do not pursue business strategies that promote profound organizational changes; instead,they focus their short-term efforts on urgent market demands. This is evidenced by the lack of thefunction of sustainability management as a permanent role in the organization. Also, this study foundthat only 32% of Chilean construction companies implement business strategies towards sustainability.Construction firms with higher turnover and subjected to stricter regulations, such as constructioncompanies working in the mining sector, incorporate more sustainable business strategies across theirorganizations. The lack of a sustainability-oriented vision can affect the transformation of strategyinto a competitive advantage, a step that is necessary to support both the company’s permanence inthe market and its long-term sustainability