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Foreign Exchange Studies

In addition to semesters abroad, the School of Engineering has alliances with several foreign universities that allow students the chance to receive Double Degrees.

In addition to foreign exchange stays, the School of Engineering offers students the possibility of obtaining Dual Professional Certification or a Dual Degree from an international institution, thanks to established agreements worldwide.

The School of Engineering is actively establishing agreements with world-class institutions, thereby allowing our students to gain educational and research experiences in foreign countries.

  • Student Exchange Programs

    The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile offers students the chance to complete one or two semesters abroad. The University has exchange agreements with more than 350 international universities of academic excellence.

    For more information about current agreements, benefits, scholarships, the application process, and requirements for engineering students, please visit the UC Office of International Relations.

  • Dual Professional Certification

    The Dual Professional Certification program allows students to gain Certification as an Engineer from the UC School of Engineering and a foreign university.

    The objective is to provide students with international perspectives on the diverse areas within engineering, widening student viewpoints with specific, current knowledge through the realities of other countries.

    The UC School of Engineering has signed Dual Professional Certification agreements with seven European universities in France and Italy. This program allows students to complete their undergraduate studies in Chile and France/Italy, ultimately obtaining Professional Certification from the UC School of Engineering and the selected foreign institution.

    • École Polytechnique
    • École Centrale Paris, Nantes, Lille, Lyon, Marseille
    • École Nationale Supérieure des Mines
    • École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Sint-Etienne
    • Paris Tech
    • Politecnico di Milano
    • Politecnico di Torino

    For more information, please visit Dual Professional Certification.

  • Dual Degree

    The Doctor of Engineering Sciences Program has dual degree agreements with prestigious international universities. These agreements allow UC Doctor of Engineering Sciences to complete part of their program at these universities and to obtain a doctorate degree from both universities.

    The institutions with which the UC School of Engineering has established dual degree agreements are:

    • Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
    • Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
    • University of Colorado-Boulder (USA)
    • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)
    • University of Waterloo (Canada)
    • Beijing Jiaotong University (China)
    • Doctoral College of Belgium
    • Doctoral College of France
    • University of Notre Dame (USA)
    • Università di Trento (Italy)
    • Virginia Tech (USA)

    More information available here.