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Engineering Student Center

The Engineering Student Center (CAi, Spanish acronym) is led by a 10-person Student Council elected by and from among current engineering students. The Student Council is supported by an undergraduate academic advisor and subadvisor, as well as a graduate academic advisor. The Student Council is further aided by a group of delegates that are also elected by and from among current engineering students.

A close relationship is maintained throughout the year between the CAi and the Executive Office of the School of Engineering, who together collaborate on various student activities. Furthermore, the CAi President and academic advisors participate on the School Board, the highest collegiate authority within the School that is responsible for making decisions regarding UC Engineering.

Engineering Student Council

  • President: Paolo Fabia
  • External vice president: Daniel Illesca
  • Internal vice president: María José Marín
  • General secretary: Rodrigo Hanuch
  • Finance manager: Lucas Weinborn
  • Project manager and entrepreneurship: Rodrigo Eterovic
  • Areas and diffusion of initiatives: María Jesús Uribe
  • Teaching issues: Martín Cadagan
  • Head of research: Paulina Pizarro
  • Head of social responsability and sustainability area: José Miguel Ossa
  • Head of community: Natalia Aceituno
  • University life and sports: Andrés Plass
  • Head of communications: Ignacia Baeza
  • General coordinators:
    • Francisca Giraldez
    • Felipe Cabrera
    • Ignacio Briceño
    • María Jesús Valenzuela
    • María Cecilia Muñoz

Academic advisors

  • Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Ángela Parra
  • Undergraduate Academic Subadvisor: Fernanda Mansilla
  • Graduate Academic Advisor: Sebastián Vásquez

CAi Offices

The Student Center is located in the José Luis del Río Rondanelli Building, more commonly known as the Student Building. The Student Center has a lounge area, cafeteria, and study rooms.

The CAi secretary is Cinthia Bernal Gonchar, who can be reached by calling +56223544731

More information

Visit the UC Engineering Student Center webpage at https://www.cai.cl/