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Research in sciences and engineering

Engineering applies research and innovation to solve the main problems that affect our society. Considering this objective, student participation in research is highly encouraged, and UC faculty is supported in conducting high-impact projects.

Faculty and Research

The School of Engineering seeks to explore the frontiers of knowledge and encourages both students and instructors to take on this challenge.

UC Engineering Faculty

Our professors are graduates from the best universities in Chile and worldwide and are specialists in diverse areas of knowledge. Our academic faculty is multidisciplinary and marked by excellence.


Latest Papers

In 2020, the School of Engineering published 434 WOS articles.


Departments and Academic Areas

The School of Engineering has ten departments and the area of Engineering Design (DiLAB). It is also part of the Institute for Biological and Medical Engineering, the Institute for Mathematical and Computational Engineering and the UC School of Government.


Institutes and centers

The Faculty of Engineering houses the School of Government, the IIBM, and the IIMC, all interdisciplinary programs at the university. Furthermore, researchers are working on key investigative projects in centers associated with the School of Engineering.


Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research promotes the participation of School of Engineering students in research from the earliest stages of their program studies.


Research in PUC Engineering

Learn about the main research projects being conducted by UC Engineering investigators.


Research projects

We have four main interdisciplinary focusses: health, sustainability, information, and engineering as a vehicle for scientific discovery.



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