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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the School of Engineering is comprised of recognized individuals from the academic and business spheres. The objective of the Advisory Board is to strategically guide the development and growth of the School of Engineering.

The Advisory Board to the School of Engineering is comprised by notable individuals from the academic and business spheres. The objective of this Advisory Board is to make decisions regarding School development and growth. The primary topics managed by this Advisory Board include changing paradigms in engineering, internationalization, strategic alliances, and fundraising initiatives.

The Advisory Board further serves as a connection between the School of Engineering and external contexts, taking into account alumni, industry, the Chilean government, and society as a whole.

Members of the Advisory Board:

José Ignacio AmenábarVice-President of Cámara Chilena de la Construcción
CLAUDIA BOBADILLAFounder and Vice President of the RAD Foundation
Andrés Bucher Director of Itaú Corpbanca
ROLANDO CARMONAGeneral Manager of Drillco
PAULINE DE VIDTSMember of the board of the Molyb
Jorge FerrandoBusiness Research Manager at COPEC
Sergio IcazaFounding partner and director of ICAFAL
Andrés KuhlmannGeneral Manager of Transelec
Vladimir MarianovSecretary of the UC Engineering San Agustín Foundation
Arturo NathoGeneral Manager of Copec
Cristóbal PhilippiGeneral Manager of SOFOFA
Víctor PucciChair of the Executive Board of Comercial The English Fashion S. A.
Hernán Rodríguez
Francisco SilvaPresident of Banco Security
Miguel SifriPartner at Proteus S.A
Mario ValdiviaBoard Member of Enseña Chile


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