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Departments and Academic Areas

Department of Construction Engineering and Management

Committed to training engineers that will contribute towards improving the productivity, quality, and security of the construction industry.

Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Part of the mission of this department is to create and transfer knowledge destined towards designing modern, efficient infrastructure systems.

Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

This department explores subjects such as experimental hydraulics, water resources, and environmental engineering, in addition to providing consulting and assay services.

Department of Transport and Logistics Engineering

Focused on applying knowledge to help solve transport and logistics problems in developing countries.

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dedicated to understanding and developing innovative applications in management and economics and to researching operations.

D. of Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering

Offering students the opportunity to explore product design through a foundation of mechatronics and the characterization/synthesis of new materials, among other subjects.

Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses

The mission of this department is to educate professionals with a solid grasp of process engineering, to break the frontiers of knowledge, and to provide services to industry.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Contributing to knowledge creation to improve the productivity, technology, quality, and competiveness of the electricity and electronics sectors in a global context.

Department of Computer Science

Encouraging research, instruction, consulting services, and the development of cutting-edge software.

Department of Mining Engineering

Contributing to the development of technologies and processes that increase productivity and reduce costs for the most important economic sector in Chile.

Area of Engineering Design

This area is in charge of preparing students to face complex problems and provide concrete solutions by applying engineering, design, and innovation.

Institutes and centers

The Faculty of Engineering houses the School of Government, the IIBM, and the IIMC, all interdisciplinary programs at the university. Furthermore, researchers are working on key investigative projects in centers associated with the School of Engineering.

Total students
Women undergraduate admission 2019


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