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PUC engineer creates a collaborative platform that coordinates food aid

“Cocina país” is the name of the collaborative platform that aims to motivate different social actors to contribute with healthy meals for health workers, elderly, and those in need.

Publish date: 08/05/2020

In the midst of the pandemic that affects our country and the whole world, a nonprofit organization was founded by a PUC Engineering Alumni, Felipe Rodriguez. He aims to create innovative solutions to problems related with food and nutrition.

 Cocina País is the name of the nonprofit that coordinates the donation of healthy meals for people in need and health workers who are in the front line fighting the pandemic, by reactivating restaurants that had closed due to the virus.

Felipe Rodríguez is part of the gastronomic industry with Tasty Beat, a fast food chain that he founded, and it is by facing and observing the current scenario of this industry that he decided to replicate models that are being developed abroad, with aims to help to reactivate the sector.

Cocina País has delivered more than 450 meals.

“Little by little, this idea of finding solutions that not only contribute to the current national context, but also helps restaurants. That is how Cocina País was born”, explained Rodríguez. “In the way, we have realized that this initiative is not only about a simple food donation, but goes beyond and has various characteristics that make it even more precise of what was being looked for”, he remarked.

The prepared meals consist of a warm, nutritious and healthy dish, delivered in 100% biodegradable packaging. With this, Cocina País also generates the opportunity to re-enable the opportunity for cooks and chefs from the partner restaurants, avoiding the closure of small companies.

“We have delivered more than 450 meals, and we aim to keep growing. We have the idea of turning these kind of initiatives in institutions that help those in need through food. In sum, we want the food industry to become an important agent of change”, said the PUC Engineer.

This collaborative network involves different actors to be able to elaborate the meals. The companies that contribute with the food for the preparation; there are other companies that contribute with a monetary donation that helps finance the operation; the partner restaurants, that were closed because of the Covid-19, who prepare the meal; and finally the beneficiary, who currently are health workers and elderly.

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