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Students develop low cost mechanic ventilator

This device is robust and easy to replicate. It also allows various ventilation modes to assist people with respiratory complications due to the COVID-19.

Publish date: 08/05/2020

Two PUC Engineering students that are studying at University of California San Diego, and two students from the university designed the portable device that provides mechanical ventilation to patients affected at a respiratory level.

Four students from PUC Engineering and the University of California San Diego (UCSD), developed a portable, mechanical ventilator that is able to provide mechanical ventilation to patients infected with Covid-19 that show respiratory difficulties.

The students Marcin Kierebinski and Clara Romero from UCSD, and two students from PUC Engineering Antonia Rodríguez and Clemente Guasch form the team that developed this new technology.

“We have noticed that with all the information that is online there has been a new wave of designs for ventilators, but they do not put all the necessary information in one place. Therefore, our idea is that our design is also as accessible as possible for all who wish to replicate it, so that they have all the information they need.” said Clara Romero, a student who is part of the team.

This portable device provides mechanical ventilation to patients affected on a respiratory level, in a cost-effective way that is easy to replicate, and functionally robust. It is capable of providing various ways of ventilation: controlled by volume, pressure, inspiration/exhalation rates, among others.

“I had to experience this entire crisis because of the pandemic while I was in my semester abroad. Having the opportunity to contribute from anywhere in the world has proven to me the importance of working in interdisciplinary teams,” highlighted Clemente Guasch. “With people from different countries, that I had never met before, we gathered with the dream of helping people in this context, in what has been a very enriching experience” added the PUC Engineering student, who leads the team.

In addition, this project was awarded with part of the funds from the “Prototyping Competition to Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship projects” launched by the Research and Innovation Direction in the framework of the special call made because of Covid-19. This call aims to support the innovation projects that are in the preliminary phases of prototyping and experimentation, which are developed by members of PUC School of Engineering community.

Likewise, in order to contribute with new ideas to face the peak of the pandemic, this project is part of the interdisciplinary working commission promoted by the university’s’ Vice Rectory of Research, together with the PUC Medical School, the Innovation Center and other faculties (covid19.ing.puc.cl).



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