Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Mission and Vision


The mission of the School of Engineering has three approaches:

  • Educate and train persons in a comprehensive manner who carry out functions as applied scientists, innovators and technological and social entrepreneurs. In addition train high level professionals in the vast field of Engineering.
  • Create and spread said knowledge in applied sciences, and in engineering in all of its possible forms.
  •  Translate said knowledge into innovations and ventures of a technological and social base which permit leveraging the relevancy and prestige of this community and at the same time accelerates the development of Chile with regard to the rest of the countries in the world.

We seek to generate by means of our Ingeniería UC community those conditions which deliver greater equality, opportunity and prosperity for our country and, simultaneously place this school as a relevant node in the academic field on a world level.


The Escuela de Ingeniería de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile looks to be a global player in the world and an effective agent in the materialization of the three fundamental missions of the University, at a high level of performance so as to accelerate the progress of our country, and this must translate into in a real improvement in the quality of life of each one of its inhabitants.

We are building a great Escuela de Ingeniería or School of Engineering which leads the development of Engineering in Latin America. We plan to become the innovation hub and the technological venture in the university, in the country and the region, by means of becoming effective creators of applied knowledge and the articulators between the scientific knowledge in its purest form and the needs and problems of the Chilean and global society.

We will build a school that integrates and includes all students where all young talent in Chile without regard to his or her socio economic, cultural or religious condition may be educated so as to become a great professional applied researcher or innovator and an entrepreneur

We will build a large modern technological community which is focused on achieving the integral progress of mankind. A grateful community, vibrant and creative residing on the campus which will become a center of attraction for academic and professional talent for the rest of Latin America. A place for bold opportunities a place for the daring and those committed with the more complex challenges Chile faces.

We will progress so as to convert ourselves in an integrated academic community, on line, by means of the development of effective alliances with other centers of the university, industry, the government, other universities, and technological centers in Chile and the world, by way of interactions with the body of teachers and professors, students, UC engineers and friends. We strive to achieve an attitude of complete openness reflected in actions of service to the rest of the university to the country and later to the world.

New technologies and innovations will take over our lives and great advances which we are not familiar with as of yet, will be affected by these, but this community which we will build together will continue to guarantee a Christian presence in the university world in order to resolve the great problems of society .