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Students, alumni, and other members of the community can contribute to the continued development of the School of Engineering by volunteering personal time to support students from the Talent and Inclusion Program in their university journey.

  • Academic Tutoring (Going Project)
  • Backstage Alumni


To get on the same level as their peers, students from the T+I Program need academic support in the first years of their degree program. The demand for academic support within the School of Engineering is high, and the existing teaching assistants and Tutoring Center are not enough to meet demand. Consequently, an online tutoring system was created in the first semester of 2018 so that current students and alumni could dedicate tutoring hours, thus helping to close the gap in academic need.


Mission: Going is a nonprofit academic aid system in which engineering students provide academic support to freshmen students from the T+I Program.

Vision: We want that all School of Engineering freshmen who want academic help to have the opportunity to receive it.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help T+I freshmen, or if you want to receive more information about this project, please get in touch by writing to contacto@ing.uc.cl


Voluntarios aportan con horas de tutorías para novatos


The Backstage School is an initiative led by the UC Engineering Student Center that brings together students, professors, and administrative personnel in a space other than classrooms and faculty hallways.

In 2014, the concept of the Backstage School expanded to include alumni participation with the creation of the Backstage Alumni Program. By visiting professionals at their places of work, this initiative helps current students form a personal network and become familiar with the working world.

This program allows alumni the chance to share their experiences with students. Students further benefit by receiving insights about the businesses they visit and about the potential applications of their degree program.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Backstage Alumni program or want to receive more information, please get in touch by writing to contacto@ing.uc.cl or by telephone at +56 2 2354 4949.