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The School of Engineering is comprised of nine Offices.

The School of Engineering is comprised of nine Offices, which include:

  • The Executive Office: responsible for providing transversal support to the Dean and the distinct offices and departments within the School of Engineering. The UC Engineering for Life Subcommittee, as well as the Communications and Placements Areas, report directly to this Office.

Three Core Offices:

  • Office of Undergraduate Studies: responsible for developing undergraduate curricula and handling student affairs for the School of Engineering, located on the first floor of the Raúl Devés Building.
  • Office of Graduate Studies: responsible for developing and promoting graduate programs.
  • Office of Outreach and DICTUC: responsible for developing study programs for professionals and transferring the knowledge and technologies created by the School to the industrial sector.

Five General Offices:

  • Office of Education in Engineering: responsible for work related to initiatives of educational transformation within the School of Engineering.
  • Office of Research and Innovation: responsible for supporting and managing research conducted by faculty within the School of Engineering, in addition to encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation among instructors and students.
  • Office of Finances and Management: responsible for overseeing and improving the internal management of the School.
  • Office of Social Responsibility: responsible for fostering the formation of social leaders who are prepared and motivated to support Chile’s ongoing development.
  • Office of Technology: responsible for transversally working on developing new internal technologies for the School of Engineering.

Executive Office

Isabel AlarcónExecutive Director
MARCELA TORREJÓNDeputy Director of UC Engineering for Life

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Matías HubeDirector
Cristian RuzAssociate Director
Pilar BarrosGeneral deputy director
Ricardo VilchesDeputy director of Student Affairs
Denisse CarvajalChief of projects and curriculum management
Daniela InostrozaChief of Curriculum Development

Office of Graduate Studies

Gloria ArancibiaDirector
Luis RizziAssociate director
Fernanda KattanDeputy director
Nicole BettiDeputy director of Student Affairs

Office of Outreach and Dictuc

Aldo CiprianoDirector
Claudia HalabíExecutive director Professional Education
Claudia GómezDeputy Director of Commercial

Muriel OyarzúnDeputy Director of Industry Liaison

Felipe Bahamonde CidGeneral Manager of Dictuc
Gabriela MoragaAdministration and Finance Manager of Dictuc
Mariela SilvaCorporate Affairs Manager of Dictuc
Julio LavarelloPersonnel Manager of Dictuc

Office of Education in Engineering

Jorge BaierDirector
Isabel HilligerDeputy director of Assessment, Measurement and Quality

Office of Research and Innovation

Claudia PrietoDirector
Constance FleetDeputy director of Innovation
Jovan KuzmicicCoordinator of Research

Office of Finances and Management

María José PerezDirector
PAULA GARAVAGNODeputy director of Finance
Edgar TembladeraDeputy director of Computer Services
Jorge PissaniDevelopment Unit Chief
María Olga FaúndezInfrastructure Area Chief

Office of Social Responsibility

Luis CifuentesDirector

Office of Technology

Miguel TorresDirector


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