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The 2011-2015 Strategic Plan for the School of Engineering included diverse challenges, such as strengthening networks with internationally prestigious universities and promoting student mobility. These objectives, among many others, are maintained within the framework of the Engineering 2030 project, as well as in the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. The primary pillars of this program align with one of the most important focuses in the Development Plan for the Universidad Católica, which proposes, “internationalizing to participate in a global world.”

UC Engineering Office at UC Berkeley

Due to an agreement with UC Berkeley, through the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, the School of Engineering was able to open its first international office in 2015. This office orients and serves students and professors who travel to Silicon Valley to live the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to the Dean of Engineering Juan Carlos de la Llera, this office, “levels the playing field for what it means to go to Berkeley. We want to somehow replicate the experiences of a student in Silicon Valley and the networks available to that student. We want to take a good idea and turn it into something real, something that has value for personal development.”

Seed Funds for Research

Funding is available for research projects between personnel at the School of Engineering and a foreign university. The most noteworthy such agreement was launched in 2011 with MIT. A number of research projects are currently underway with the collaboration of various international universities, such as Notre Dame, Texas A&M, and Columbia, among others.

Research stays with foreign universities

Thanks to this program, students from the School of Engineering can conduct research stays with some of the best universities in the world. The School of Engineering also aids in selecting foreign students to work with professors on specific projects.

Student Exchange Programs

Through the UC International Relations Office, students from the School of Engineering can apply to attend a semester abroad in a foreign university. Agreements with more than 300 institutions worldwide are already in place. Foreign students can also choose to attend the UC School of Engineering for one or two semesters. For more information, visit: http://relacionesinternacionales.uc.cl/en/

Dual Degree Agreements

The existing dual degree programs allow students to complete a part of their degree program abroad and to obtain a degree from both institutions.