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The Foundation

The UC Engineering San Agustín Foundation was founded in 1987 by the University Board of Governors under the name “Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Engineering, DICTUC Foundation.” The Foundation was initially funded through surplus assets obtained through outreach work, and the Foundation Board includes school professors and graduates.

Renamed in 2001 as the “UC Engineering San Agustín Foundation” in honor of the Patron Saint of Engineers , the mission of the Foundation is to “promote academic activities within the School of Engineering that contribute towards the School being recognized internationally as a center of scientific and technological excellence and as a driving force for national development.”

The specific objectives laid forth in the guiding statutes of the Foundation are as follows:

  • Implement initiatives conductive to the continued development of instructors and professors within the School of Engineering.
  • Advocate for the continued development of personnel and for equipment needed by the School for instructional and research activities.
  • Aid in financing contracts extended by the School of Engineering to visiting professors.
  • Encourage and finance the publication of research carried out within the School, as well as the presentation of School research at national and/or international congresses.
  • Act as a proponent for improved working conditions for instructors, professors, and researchers within the School of Engineering, all with the aim of promoting academic career paths.
  • Implement and finance activities associated with promoting and performing scientific and technological research within the field of engineering, with consideration also given to interdisciplinary initiatives and technology transfer.

Contributions to the School of Engineering in 2018

Between 1989 and 2018, the San Agustín Foundation has overseen 474,579 UF in contributions to the School of Engineering. This amount is 2.9 times larger than the initial investment for the Foundation. In total, the San Agustín Foundation has directly contributed 263,466 UF, of which, 28,148 UF have been used to finance the Canadian Course on Mining . Furthermore, 182,964 UF have been donated to the School as a result of collection drives led by the Foundation.

In 2018, the Foundation supported the School of Engineering through 6,700 UF dedicated to continued instructor/professor training and to improvement projects for instructional laboratories, which included equipment upgrades and teaching support.

As a result of the support to the Fund Raising Campaign for infrastructure of the School of Engineering,  9,612 UF were raised to fund  the construction of the Hall of Students of the new Science and Technology Building.

To support the growth of the venture capital market in Chile, the Foundation, together with the Universidad Católica, is a committed participant in the Alerce VC Private Investment Fund (CORFO-backed), in which the Foundation has invested 3,130 UF.

Financial Management of the San Agustín Foundation Fund

The investment strategy for the total fund administered by the Foundation is permanently evaluated by an Investment Committee, which includes noteworthy UC Engineers in the business and academic spheres. In 2016, this committee was comprised of the following members:

  • Axel Christensen de la Cerda, director of Black Rock Chile.
  • Henry Comber Sigall, general manager of Euroamérica.
  • Javier Corthorn Silva, research manager at IGM Multi-Family.
  • José Enrique Fernández Larrañaga, director of the San Agustín Foundation, Full Professor at UC.
  • Carlos Hurtado Rourke, general manager of the Sociedad Inmobiliaria e Inversiones Puerto Madero Ltda.
  • Nicolás Majluf Sapag, director of the San Agustín Foundation, Full Professor at UC.
  • Hernán Rodríguez Wilson, general manager of CMPC.
  • Andrés Bucher, director of Banco Itaú.